Summary Synovial Fluid Replacement Therapy

By: Admin – – Tuesday, February 28, 2006

· lubricates the joint and restores the elastic properties of the fluid
· ability to act as a shock absorber.
· Movement of the joint becomes easier and more comfortable.
· decreases pain for up to six months and also improves function in patients with OA of the knee.
· patient’s reliance on other pain relieving medications is significantly reduced.
· available on Medical Card Scheme
· may delay necessity for knee replacement surgery
· effective in treating patients with early to middle stage arthritis who wish to improve their function and reduce pain.
· effective in patients with more advanced arthritis who may experience delays in receiving a total joint replacement.
· valuable tool for GPs whose patients find themselves on long waiting lists to see an orthopaedic surgeon.
· effective use in treatment of sports injuries particularly in the knee
· can prevent further loss of cartilage
· may stimulate the natural production of synovial fluid by the body a process know as visco-induction
· is a longer lasting alternative which is safe and could help to reduce dependence on anti-inflammatory medication


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