About MyKnee.ie

About MyKnee.ie

MyKnee.ie an Irish health information website which focuses specifically on the area of Arthritis. The site is written and developed in Ireland for Irish users. It is fully funded and backed by Premier Medical Ltd. It has been developed as a resource to provide information and technical know-how regarding arthritis symptoms and treatments both to the public as well as being a service to health care professionals. A special feature developed as a service to health care professionals is an on-line educational section with training video explanations of joint injection techniques as well as PowerPoint presentations given by experts to provide updates in the area of arthritis.

This is a special feature developed with patients in mind. It is an on-line educational resource with graphic explanations of various orthopaedic surgeries that will help patients gain a knowledge and understanding of what these procedures entail.

The site has comprehensive details of Arthritic conditions, as well as resources, tools, direct links to patient information booklets from the Arthritis Foundation US and UK  and  links to other relevant Irish websites such as Government Agencies and other Health sites both Irish and International. It is a comprehensive yet easy to use online source of medical and healthcare information on Arthritis with up-to-the-minute arthritis news feeds The site has quickly gained a lot of interest from the public as well as health professionals in Ireland since its inception in March 2006.

Considering the fact that 20-25% of GP visits involve musco-skeletal disorders this website will fill a demand for a quality on-line resource on various aspects of arthritis and joint injuries. Graphic representations of partial replacement and total joint replacement of the knee, hip and shoulder as well as topics like arthroscopy and sports medicine are covered which will lead to a better understanding of common procedures like diagnostic arthroscopy, articular cartilage problems, torn Meniscus and torn anterior crusciate ligament. This website is a new resource for doctors who can direct their patients to this site for more information and explanations.

Funding of MyKnee.ie

The principal promoters of MyKnee.ie is Premier Medical Ltd. Premier Medical Ltd. is headed up by Ms.Vera Griffin who has 15 years experience in the health care Industry in Ireland as well as in the area of Rheumatology with long standing relationships with members the Irish Society of Rheumatology in Ireland.

Investment funding for the creation, development and hosting of the site was provided exclusively by Premier Medical Ltd. and its directors.

Advertising and sponsorship policy

There is no Advertising or sponsorship on the site.

Editorial policy

Vera Griffin B.Sc. MPII Managing Director of Premier Medical is the author of MyKnee.ie.

Articles on the site have been reviewed or written by healthcare professionals. The medical content has been developed in Ireland in conjunction with medical professionals.

MyKnee.ie Irish Medical Arthritis Expert Contributors
  Mr.Derek Bennett Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Castlebar.
  Mr. Maha Lingam Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cork , Limerick
  Dr. Ahmed El Rafi Consultant Rheumatologist Limerick
  Dr. Carmel Silke Consultant Rheumatologist Galway
  Ms. Edel Madden Head of Physiotherapy Galway Clinic
MyKnee.ie Overseas Medical Arthritis Expert Contributors
  Dr. Robert Petrella Medical Director of the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging.
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