Approximately 714,000 people in Ireland suffer from osteoarthritis today, an amazing statistic representing almost 1/5 of the population. The causes of osteoarthritis are unknown but several factors can contribute to it including ageing, sports injuries, genetics and obesity.

Living with osteoarthritis day to day can be very difficult due to the constant pain experienced along with other symptoms such as swelling and deformity of the joints and the limited range of motion that usually ensues. NSAIDS can kill the pain but do nothing to restore mobility in the joint and have potentially serious side effects such as ulcers, bleeding, risk of heart attack and strokes. Overall they are not an ideal long term solution. An interesting alternative to this is the ground-breaking Visco-Supplementation injection therapy. It is one of the safest and most natural treatments available. The treatment works to supplement the patient’s natural synovial fluid through injections of sodium hyaluronate, the substance which gives synovial fluid its viscosity and elasticity. When injected, Suplasyn increases the natural lubricants and shock absorbants in the affected joint to significantly reduce pain and stiffness. See more on Visco-Supplementation.

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