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Treatment of Arthritis from Sport Injuries

The best treatment of sports injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Firstly there is conditioning. If a person is fatigued the muscles do not support the joints and injury is more likely. This applies to athletes not only with regard to stamina but also strength and flexibility.

Hydration and proper nutrition are also important. Proper technique is required as well as having regard for the rules of the game. Finally wear appropriate protective equipment which may decrease the risk of injury.

If an injury is sustained then avoiding strenuous or demanding activity may lessen the chances of arthritis and in the case of a torn ACL surgical correction to restore proper mechanics and therefore lessen the chances of developing arthritis.

Arthritis Prevention Tips

It is important to take steps in order to stave off degenerative joint disease. Here are some osteoarthritis prevention tips from the (National Institute of Health U.S.)

Keep your weight down – In a study reviewed by the NIH, people who lost 11 pounds cut their risk of osteoarthritis in half.

Get enough vitamins C and D – Onset or progression of arthritis is less in people who consume adequate amounts. Look to fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamin C. Good sources of D include sunlight, fortified milk or margarine, and supplements with 400 international units (IU) a day. This dose should be increased to 600 IU after age 70.

Strengthen your thigh muscles – Doing moderate conditioning exercises for your quadriceps muscles can reduce the risk of degenerative arthritis by up to 30%.

Take precautions at work – Researchers have linked osteoarthritis with repetitive tasks and with jobs that involve kneeling or squatting, especially when doing heavy lifting.

Avoid sports injuries – NIH advice for reducing your risk of injury while exercising includes: Use proper equipment and protective gear. Cross train, or vary your activities. Take a break if something hurts. Get prompt care for injuries so they heal properly.

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