Joint Pain

Joint pain can be extremely painful and is usually a frustrating condition because our joints are so essential to normal movement and range of motion.  Before looking at how joint pain can be treated, it is important to understand exactly what a joint is.   A joint is formed by the ends of two or more bones (connected by ligaments), normally covered with a thin, smooth layer of cartilage, which plays a protective role and allows smooth movement (meaning the bones move without any pain). Some parts of the joint are surrounded by an envelope called synovium, which generates a fluid which prevents friction inside the joint and is called synovial fluid.  A key component of synovial fluid is sodium hyaluronate (or NA-HA) which is responsible for the viscosity and elasticity of the fluid – in other words NA-HA gives synovial fluid its shock-absorbing and lubricating abilities.

Bones are connected to one another by ligaments, composed mainly of collagen fibres, which have a certain level of elasticity. The main role of ligaments is to provide joint stability.  Joints are designed to allow smooth movements in various directions (depending on the type of joint) and also to provide mechanical support to the body.
Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of joint pain and manifests itself in pain and stiffness.  A grating or cracking sound may also be heard when moving the joint.  Over time as the condition worsens, joint swelling may occur, range of motion becomes more limited and the pain becomes more consistent.  Osteoarthritis cannot be cured which is why EARLY intervention is essential in order to control the symtoms and maintain a reasonable quality of life.  Treatments for the condition vary (depending on the extent of the disease and other factors) but Visco-Supplementation injections are one of the safest and most natural treatments available in the market today.   The treatment works to supplement the patient’s natural synovial fluid through injections of sodium hyaluronate, the substance which gives synovial fluid its viscosity and elasticity.  When injected, Suplasyn increases the natural lubricants and shock absorbants in the affected joint to significantly reduce pain and stiffness.  See more on Visco-Supplementation.

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