Arthritis website to benefit both public and doctors

By: Glenn Taylor – Medicine Weekly – Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Glenn Taylor looks at a new arthritis website that aims to provide a better understanding
of common procedures such as diagnostic arthroscopy and articular cartilage problems

A new website has been launched in Ireland with the aim of providing information
on arthritis and various therapies to the public, as well as providing ‘how-to’
training and educational videos for doctors.

A special feature of the site — — supported
by a medical supply company, is an on-line education section that has graphic
explanations of various othopaedic surgeries that will help doctors explain
and show their patients, through animated graphics, what some procedures would

The site mainly focuses on osteoarthritis and joint injuries. The graphical
representations of partial and total joint replacements in the knee, hip and
shoulder are featured, as well as information surrounding arthroscopy and sports

The main backer of the site, Premier Medical, said that making such information
available would give patients a better understanding of common procedures like
diagnostic arthroscopy, articular cartilage problems, torn meniscus and torn
anterior cruciate ligaments.

“Patients who understand their surgery are more likely to be satisfied
with the quality of their care,” a spokesperson for the company said.
“Unfortunately, patient anxiety and the foreign terminology of surgery
can make patient education challenging.

“This website is a new resource for doctors who can direct their patients
to this website for more information and explanations.”

Of equal interest to doctors is the inclusion on the website of training video
downloads for intra-articular injections.

A leading Canadian rheumatologist demonstrates techniques on how to perform
intra-articular procedures, involving anatomical models as well as live patients.

“The videos give step-by-step instruction and practical tips on how to
gain access for a smooth injection technique,” the spokesperson explained.
“Demonstrations include how best to approach a patient, accessing the
joint space and the importance of positioning, also gaining access to a complex
joint such as the shoulder and identifying landmarks of the shoulder or technical
aspects of improving success in a small joint, like the first metacarpalpharangeal

All doctors need to do is go to the website www.arthritis and then
on to the healthcare professionals’ section and register. You will receive
a password sent to your e-mail address that you can then use to gain access
to the training video downloads.

Article Source: Medicine Weekly


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